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RYLGuyabano has its HQ office in Penang Island (Pearl of the Orient), Malaysia in Southeast Asia, where the rivers intersect, diversity, heritage, exotic food capital of Malaysia and the world’s tallest twin skyscrapers erect, with branch marketing offices in Africa, Australia and the USA. Our corporate mission began with an idea to naturally boost up the immune system, naturally fight and kill cancer cells, improve maximum sexual drive and desire, rejuvenate the skin and antioxidants in the body system. RYLGuyabano vision is to successfully deliver result driven innovative nutritional supplements powered by natural formulas. RYLGuyabano team is determined to meet the needs of consumers worldwide.

RYLGuyabano is a natural healthcare nutritional supplement company, organized as an import/export business subsidiary. RYLGuyabano products are intended for private purchase through online ecommerce, as well as for business entrepreneurs and distributors around the world.


To revolutionize traditional supplement products to better manage preventive health.


To become the trusted leader in branded supplement products geared towards preventive health.


To gain competitive edge on manufacturing quality supplement products.

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